Saturday, 5 October 2013

Spera volume 3 preview: pretty, pretty, pretty

If any day is deserving of an un-taxing post which requires you only to gaze at beautiful art, it's Friday. And I couldn't really come up with a better book suited to the purpose than Spera. One day I am going to sit down and write a proper article on how Josh Tierney and his collective of amazing artists have taken elements from oral storytelling, narrative, role-playing games, and much more, to weave a meandering tale of two very different princesses and a fire spirit on the road, making Spera into a successful comic that works in digital and print but in markedly different ways. 

But not today. Today I will just remind you that Spera is home to some of the best illustrative talents in comics, and that there is a lovely third volume now available to buy in hardback, boasting contributions from artists such as Afu Chan, Sam Bosma, Michael Dialynas, Cory Godbey, Meg Gandy and Amei Zhao- some preview pages of which you can see below (simply click to view them in a larger size). I particularly like that gaming-inspired introductory character page; nicely done.

Here's 3 reasons why you should buy a copy:
  • it's genuinely suitable for all ages
  • it features two great female lead characters, who look after one another and are both strong, able and intelligent in different ways
  • it serves equally as an art book as it does a comic and story, not only have Archaia given the books high production values, they're beautiful objects in their own right, with each artist offering something lovely of their own. It's a bit like a lovely art-off.

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