Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Exclusive: previews of the new mini kuš!

You get a whole load of rubbish sent to you by way of promotional emails, press releases, teasers and other tosh from comics publishers and people, but the best ones (needless to say) are from people whose work you're actually interested in. Which is why I'm always happy to receive an email from the lovely folk over at kuš! komiks, especially when it includes exclusive previews of their upcoming publications. For November, they have four new mini kuš! lined up with as diverse a range of offerings as ever, this time from Michael Jordan, Berliac, Renata Gasiorowska and Jean de Wet. 

Kus! are incredibly prompt with their deliveries, so if you're looking for a nifty present or extra for Christmas, these full-colour, A6-sized, beautifully produced comics make a great gift, and with them being brand new there's no danger of buying something that's already been read. I can't think of a comics fan who wouldn't appreciate a selection of mini-comics wrapped nicely or tied with ribbon (okay so I'm not good at this, but truly). Below you can find a synopsis and 3-page preview of each:

Michael Jordan, mini kuš! #18 ‘This No Place to Stay’: 'This No Place to Stay' is a semi-fictional, semi-biographical story by the German artist Michael Jordan. His bearded alter ego travels through a coffee cup into a labyrinth inside a hospital laboratory. Hopefully the wound in the nurse's hand can rescue him...

Berliac, mini kuš! #19 ‘Inverso’: In the midst of a marital crisis, an unnamed zoologist is assigned to investigate the possible case of a "negative jaguar". The deeper he delves into the Amazonian jungle, the more he steps into the other side of reality. Is it too late to go back? Find out in Berliac’s Inverso.

Renata Gąsiorowska, mini kuš! #21 ‘Jungle Night’: It's the biggest celebration of the year all friends have been waiting for, but Lili just prefers to be alone sometimes. Put some leaves on your head and join her through Renata Gąsiorowska's Jungle Night.

Jean de Wet, mini kuš! #20 ‘Crater Lake’: Jean de Wet’s Crater Lake is a panoramic portrait of space and time, capturing moments of tranquility, paranoia, invasion, rebellion, indifference and ultimately salvation-all taking place within a volcanic crater community, during an unusual cosmic event.

You can pre-order the books here for $6 each, inclusive of shipping worldwide, or $20 for all four.

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