Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Through the Woods by Emily Carroll: preview

I'm in the midst of writing all these year-ending/year-beginning features, one of which is a '20 for 2014' piece for The Beat highlighting the 20 most anticipated comic books of next year, during the course of which I came across some images from Emily Carroll's new book which I thought I'd share here. One of the books I (and most comic fans) are looking forward to next year, Carroll's Through the Woods collection marks her first standalone print work, and will include the comic that bought her to wider attention- 'His Face All Red' (adapted for print), and a series of new short stories with dark fairy tale, folkloric influences, imbibed with Carroll's unique horror leanings.The book is due for release next July on Simon and Schuster imprint McElderry Books, and will be a 208 page hardback.

Carroll is, to my mind, the only web-comic creator, along with Boulet, to make a fuller use of the platform, testing and exploring it in innovative ways. Her interactive horror comics, whilst beautiful and striking in imagery and carefully and thoughtfully paced and positioned, are driven by the strength of her narratives, and I'm interested to see how all that will translate into print.

In other news, Youth in Decline today announced Carroll as the fourth artist on their 2014 quarterly monograph books. Carroll will be working on Frontier #6, due in November next year, producing 'a brand new horror story, inspired by children’s games like Bloody Mary, Southern Ontario Gothic literature, and Japanese urban legends.' The subscription deal for all 4 publications, including those by Sam Alden, Ping Zhu and Sascha Hommer is still available, and now looking even better a prospect than before.

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