Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Thomas Wellmann's dream project

Here's a gorgeous new thing coming soon from Thomas Wellmann. It's the cover of a small book called Dentro De Mi Pelo (Inside My Hair) which sees the artist visually interpret the dreams of 6 children from Valencia, as written by the girls and boys themselves. Wellmann's the latest in a line of illustrators to collaborate with the elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca (the monster of colours has no mouth) project, launched in 2002 with the aim to traverse a 'worldwide journey to collect dreams written by kids in different countries.' A selection of the written dreams are then passed on to various artists, who with the help of their talents and a little imaginative license, then render them visually on the page. The project has seen children from Mexico, Spain, Brazil, France, Cuba, Germany and Israel participate since its foundation. There's a contribute button on the site, which I'm assuming is for kids and parents to submit their dreams and maybe see them turned into a wonderful drawing.

Wellmann's cover here is a picturisation of the Andrea's dream below:

'I dreamed that I had very long hair and at night a monster came out and camouflaged himself inside my hair, until one day I caught him. But because he was a good monster we became friends.'
-(Andrea, aged 9)

No specific release date details for this yet, but it is due within the next few months. Meanwhile, you can read more about the project at their website, as well as gaze at some of the amazing work done previously .

I seem to remember graphic designer/illustrator Mexer reproducing his interpretations in the Kargaoz anthology, which was one of my favorite pieces- look at it:

Here's one by Gil Lavi:

And some fantastic stuff by Teppo Manninen:

Seriously, just go have a good browse of the website.

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