Friday, 3 January 2014

Magnetic Press to publish JD Morvan and Bengal's Naja and Meka

Continuing in good comics news for 2014 vein, here's something I missed which was announced in December last year: former Archaia publisher Mike Kennedy, and Wes Harris, previously of Boom Studios and Viz Media, have formed an exciting new publishing label, Magnetic Press, which will focus on producing graphic novels that give a platform to under-looked comics talent and 'to help creators both new and established from around the world share their stories with an English-language market.' That sounds like a similar remit to what Humanoids are doing currently, and anything that sees the translation of more interesting work into English is a hugely positive endeavor.

The rundown of titles for Magnetic's spring 2014 catalogue showcases work from creators in the US, UK, France, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico,with F. Ruiz Velasco’s Culebra and Legion of Blood,  Caio Oliveira’s Super-Ego, Prophet Hill and Vivid, Dave Dorman’s Wasted Lands, Francisco Paronzini’s Hugo Broyler, Lucas Marangon’s Thinking Out Loud, and most exitingly for me, JD Morvan and Bengal’s Naja and Meka. Further titles are to announced, along with the release of page previews and synopsis for those listed.

I think this is pretty fantastic news- in that Magnetic have made a commitment to publishing interesting comics from around the world and giving creators the opportunity to reach new and  wider audiences.In particular, I'm really looking forward to the release of JD Morvan and Bengal's Naja and Meka titles, originally published in French and to be given the complete hardback, English language treatment for the first time this Spring.  I've come across a lot of Bengals' superb art online, so it'll be gratifying to finally be able to read and take in a whole book's worth. Below, I've put together a brief synopsis and pages of art (taken from the French editions) for each title. 

Meka: Originally published as 2 separate volumes, Meka is a sci-fi tale, set in the future following 2 pilots who have to fend for themselves in a warzone they've helped create, when their vehicle, a huge, robot-shaped, walking war machine (designed to defend the planet from alien threats) is disabled in combat. Meka was Bengal's first published work, as well as his first collaboration with writer JD Morvan. Take a look at some of these pages-how awesome does that giant robot ship look:

Naja:  The series that established Bengal as a force to be reckoned with, Naja is an espionage thriller, centered around the titular character, an assassin who lacks the ability to feel any pain, and isn't in great shape on the inside, either. However, when Naja becomes aware that someone within her organisation is trying to have her killed, she goes underground in order to establish who is to blame and what exactly is going on. 

Super excited by this news and looking forward to see what else Magnetic do.
You can visit the Magnetic Press website here and follow them on Twitter here

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