Monday, 3 February 2014

Angouleme 2014: who won what

The 41st Angouleme awards ceremony took place on Sunday evening, with much of the speculation beforehand surrounding the recipient of the Grand Prix award (akin to outstanding achievement in comics/hall of fame), the shortlist of which had been whittled down to Alan Moore, Bill Watterson and Katsuhiro Otomo. It's perhaps understandable then, why so much had been made of the impending beneficiary prior to the bestowing (shifting voting systems aside): a rare international winner of the prize, Watterson famously reclusive, Moore being Moore had said he would refuse the prize should he win (though that didn't rule out his actual winning) and Otomo's triumph would have marked the first manga creator entering the academy. To many, the latter seemed odds-on favourite to take the Grand Prix home, but seeing him present at the ANNIE awards on Saturday made it seem unlikely he would be flying back to France for the ceremony on Sunday, though I'm not sure to what extent people are told whether they've won or not beforehand.

In the end it was Watterson who won- and certainly no complaints there,  and though winning the Grand Prix traditionally involves presiding over the festival for the following year, it's uncertain whether he'll attend or not. His award was collected by his French publisher, who stated that Watterson was travelling and wasn't aware he'd won. Below you'll find a list of winners from the main prize categories.

Bill Watterson/Angouleme tribute by Lewis Trondheim

Prix meilleur album (best album): Come Prima by Alfred (Delcourt)
Prix Special Du Jury (special jury prize): The Property by Rutu Modan of (Actes Sud BD)
Prix de la série (best series): Fuzz & Pluck Volume 2 by Ted Stearn (Cornelius).
Prix Révélation (new book) (tie): The Book of Leviathan by Peter Blegvad (The Apocalypse) and My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf (Here and There).
Prix du patrimoine (best reprint): Cowboy Henk by Herr Seele and Kamagurka (Frémok)
Prix Du Public Cultura (audience award): Mauvais Genre by Chloe Cruchaudet (Delcourt)
Prix de polar (best thriller) : My Reverence by Rodguen and Wilfrid Lupano (Delcourt)
Prix jeunesse (prize for young readers) : Notebooks Cherry Volume 2 - The Book Hector Joris Chamblain and Aurélie Neyret (Sun)
Prix de la bande dessinée alternative (alternative comics prize): : Un Fanzine Carré by various (journal published by Hécatombe - Geneva)

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