Monday, 3 February 2014

Hourly Comic Day 2014: faves

It was the annual hourly comics day on Saturday, where you produce comics every hour over the course of the day. As you can imagine, that's not a strictly adhered to format, with people drawing a few comics in the day, or one every couple of hours. Most people choose to stick to autobiographical comics, narrating what's been happening in their life from hour to hour. The idea is to push yourself, make you a little looser and just to get you making something. I've gathered some of my favourite ones here, below, with links embedded in the artist names- click through to read the comics in full. Congratulations to all the hugely talented folk who participated- there's been some really great comics I've read and enjoyed.

Dan Berry:

Brian Fukushima:

Hannah K:

Marc Ellerby:

Gemma Correll:

Disa Walander:

Lucie Ebrey:

Natasha Allegri:

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