Monday, 17 February 2014

Thought Bubble announce Jillian Tamaki, Emily Carroll, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, more, as guests

By Annie Wu

Thought Bubble always do a great job of unveiling their guests and staggering announcements over the course of the year, working to constantly keep the festival in people's consciousness as well as building excitement and anticipation. Earlier today, they unveiled their logo for 2014 (above), this year illustrated by Annie Wu (who is currently gaining accolades for her work on Hawkeye), and also announced their first wave of guests

  • Adam Hughes (Justice League, Catwoman)
  • Alison Sohn (Star Wars trading cards illustrator, Red Sonja cover artist)
  • Andy Belanger (Kill Shakespeare, Swamp Thing)
  • Becky Cloonan (The Mire, Wolves, Batman
  • Danielle Corsetto (Girls with Slingshots)
  • Emily Carroll (His Face All Red, Out of Skin, the upcoming Through the Woods)
  • Jeff Lemire (Essex County, Sweet Tooth, Animal Man)
  • Jillian Tamaki (Skim, SuperMutant Magic Academy)
  • Natahsa Allegri, (Bee and Puppycat, Fionna and Cake
  • Matteo Scalera (Deadpool, Secret Avengers)
  • Scott Synder (Batman, American Vampire, The Wake)

I think even from that snapshot of guests, the festival's sensibilities of mixing more mainstream and indie talent (such as those labels are) is apparent. I imagine Scott Snyder will be a huge draw, as will Jeff Lemire, and it's also fantastic to see (personal favourites) Emily Carroll and Jillian Tamaki attending, who will no doubt also be a big reason why lots of people visit. November may be a while off, but it's never too early to get excited about Thought Bubble. Pretty sure there's lots more special stuff in store, too...

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