Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Urban dream: Think of a City

I've been waiting to write about Think of a City until a few more of the contributions had been collated, and recently there have been a couple of stonkers, so here we go. A collaborative project, dreamt up and initiated by artists Alison Sampson and Ian MacEwan, the idea is for each participating artist to produce an illustration depicting a scene or corner of an urban city, with each piece connecting to the next in some small way, thus producing a narrative of sorts. Almost like a panel by panel, wordless chain comic (speaking of which, I always feel Aaron Renier's amazing, mammoth Infinite Corpse never got the attention it was due; it's all online and has some truly brilliant comics artists taking part).

I love that you see this kind of things in comics (it comes, I think, from one of the medium's most positive aspects: its sense of community), artists happily giving their time to collaborate on projects like this, which everybody else gets to enjoy for free. The great aspect of City is seeing the diversity and difference in each interpretation, emphasised by individual style. Here's a little more information on the aims and remit of the project from the website:

'Think of a City is a new storytelling project, where a number of artists from around the world build a city, page by page. Feel free to walk our streets and take a coffee in one of our many cafes. Who knows what you might see, or the strange events you might chance across?

Part serious architectural investigation, part international art collaboration, for fun, for eventual exhibition, to work together, to see what happens, Think of a City is a mass storytelling project. Join us on a Dérive to experience this city of the imagination, told page by page, by storytellers from around the world. We’ll take in the multiple scales and facets of urban life to build a communal tale.'

You can find the Think of a City tumblr here- there's some fab art on there. I've put some of my favourite pieces by Dilraj Mann, Dave McKean, Patrick Crotty and Will Kirkby, below.

Dilraj Mann

Patrick Crotty

Dave McKean

Will Kirkby