Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Exclusive first look: Náva #2

One of the best comics I read last year was Náva, written by Mikael Lopez, beautifully illustrated by Olle  Forsslöf, and published by Swedish comics outfit, Peow! Studio (if you'd like to know some more about the plot, click on the link above). So to say I've been looking forward to the second book is a bit of an understatement. But the wait will soon be over, with  Náva #2 debuting at TCAF (Toronto Comics Art Festival) next weekend, where Peow! Studio will be in attendance. I'm thrilled (honestly- actually thrilled) to present an exclusive first look at the second installment here, including the cover, and a 6 page excerpt. Peow! print all their comics using a risograph machine, so the black and white images below may look different in the physical edition. 

The story picks up essentially where the last one left off, with Vani, Yu, and Yau taken prisoner by the Cani and making their way over the dessert towards Cynopolis. As they trek, the three tell each other stories- continuing the line of myth and fable that was strongly present in the first book. The tales also serve to reveal more of the character's backgrounds, as well as progress the main narrative, and further build the world Lopez and Forsslöf have envisaged. The four strands of the story will be picked out in different colours by the risograph, with the main story in black, Yu's story in blue, Vani's story in purple and a little yellow, and Cani's in teal. If you've not read the first book- have no fear!- Peow! are also bringing along a new, re-printed edition of that, which will feature a new 3 colour cover, more similar in style to the one shown above.

Really, if you're going to TCAF, make an effort to visit the Peow! table, and look through their line- they're doing some fun and fresh comics which are just so good- and pick these books up- you won't be disappointed. They'll aslo have this new comic from Hannah K as well, so stopping by is a must. Peow! will also be attending both ELCAF and Thought Bubble this year, UK readers, so you will get your slice of cake. Meanwhile, you can check out their website here.