Monday, 28 April 2014

Geof Darrow and Frank Miller return to The Big Guy and Rusty the Robot

More noteworthy publishing news coming out from the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo- C2E2- via Comic Book Resources: Frank Miller and Geof Darrow are to produce a new Big Guy and Rusty the Robot comic for Dark Horse Presents. Miller and Darrow originally published the Big Guy and Rusty Robot mini-series in an over-size format, following the adventures of a boy and his rather large robot, with Dark Horse back in 1995. It was also adapted as an animated kids show, running for 26 episodes between 1999-2001. Darrow returned to comics after a considerable hiatus with his Shaolin Cowboy comic (also with Dark Horse), which he'll continue working on, with the new Rusty story providing a brief  interlude to a different, yet familiar world: 'I have an idea of what it's going to be. It's kind of funny, I think. I hope. In theory, Frank is going to do the dialogue for me when it's ready. He said he would. He can really put something into it...I don't want people's expectations to be too high. This is just a simple thing.'

From that quote, it sounds like Miller's involvement is up in the air, but Darrow is the kind of artist who you'll buy regardless of who he's collaborated with. It'll be interesting to see if Miller does pen the dialogue- it seems a small enough commitment that he might take it on, and it's not one of his bigger works or properties, so the prospect of less scrutiny might be appealing. Good news however it turns out. You can still buy the original collection fairly cheap on Amazon and Ebay. It has dinosaurs and looks like this (or the colour version does):