Friday, 4 April 2014

Read now: The Short Con

Compulsory Friday reading, guaranteed to put a smile on your face: look at this beauty of a comic from Aleks Sennwald and Pete Toms. The first installment of it went live over at the excellent Study Group Comics website, and I was instantly enamored. I'm not even going to say anything further- just take a look at these two pages, and then go read it; it's a great one for kids, too, by the way, and free to read.  It will be updating every week on Thursdays, so go ahead and bookmark it. Study Group have been doing a superb job curating truly superb comics work to suit a broad variety of tastes, and all for free. If, like me, you appreciate that- you may want to send a few dollars their way via the Kickstarter they have running currently. You can pledge for print editions of comics, or give whatever you can, simply to support them- every little helps.

Sennwald's art is my happy place.