Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Zac Gorman announces new, original Costume Quest book

Comics Alliance announced last week that Zac Gorman will have his first book releasing this October, and rather fittingly, it's an original graphic novelisation of an existing video-game. The game in question is Costume Quest, which finds it's young protagonist and friends battling through candy-snatching beasts called Grubbins on Halloween, in order to travel to another dimension and retrieve their kidnapped twin (players can choose which twin to play as- Reynold or Wren). Gorman's comic book will turn that scenario on its head, instead following a 'good' young Grubbin called Klem, and narrating his adventures on that same Halloween.

I'm a big fan of Gorman's cartoons and comic strips over at Magical Game Time, mostly created in tribute to his favourite video-games, but they're nicely done in that he'll take elements of the narrative and interpret them in his own way,  or combine his experiences and emotions into the strip (he gets to the emotional heart of a gaming narrative quickly, as high falutin as that may sound), so it's easy to see why he was tapped for this project and how it plays to his strengths. I imagine it will be easily readable as a stand-alone book, too.  He talked to Comics Alliance about making the leap from shorter strips on the internet to a full-blow book:

'I started doing comic strips back in maybe 2007 or 2008 and honestly I’ve never really done more than a single page strip. I’ve drawn a few short stories, maybe 5-10 pages but probably no more than I could count on my fingers. Honestly, I’ve always been intimidated by longer narratives. Once I broke down and actually committed to doing a book though I’ve really fallen in love with the process. I’m already writing my next two books, so I think I’m going to keep doing this as long as somebody wants to publish what I’m turning out.' 

And a little on future projects: 'One is a short [comic], about 20-30 pages in length for Retrofit that should be out later this year. The other is a more ambitious project of around 100 pages or so in length which I hope to finish sometime this fall.' 

That sort of tie-in book often leads to greater exposure, and I hope that leads to more opportunities for Gorman: he has a lovely style and is a very capapble cartoonist; he started a comic online a while back, Escape From Burger Town, which was really good- I'd love to see more in that vein. Costume Quest: Invasion of the Body Snatches will be published around October, close to the release of  the game's sequel, Costume Quest 2.