Friday, 30 May 2014

News, Views, and Oddities #34

News, Views and Oddities, a fortnightly feature where we link to various bits and bobs which have grabbed our attention, encompassing comics, books, illustration, design and film. Clicking fingers at the ready.

More comics  from the immensely talented Ines Estrada are a very good thing indeed- she recently announced that the first 3 issues of Lapsos are to be collected and released as a single volume, published in English by C’est Bon Kultur, and is set to debut at the Helsinki Comics Festival. The book will be a hardback and printed partly in colour and partly in duo-tone (blue and neon red). Estrada will also be at CAKE this year, tabling with Patrick Kyle, and will be coming fully prepared- if you're going, make the wise decision to stop by her table.

On the subject of conventions and preparedness, Lucy Knisley shows you how it's done with her Mary Poppins-esqe 'con-box' which contains everything from water-colours to a change of clothes. I love seeing stuff like this.  

Gene Yang participates in  Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by listing his top ten favourite Asian American comic book characters.  

Bastien Vives' Polina is to be adapted into a film  of some sort- my French is non-existent, and translation programmes young and trying.

Really enjoyed Dakota MacFazdean's report on a Swedish comics festival- nice tone, widely encompassing and lots of photos. Interesting and engaging- something to aspire towards. 

Getting excited for Anouk Ricard's Benson's Cuckoos as it near publication; it's set to debut at ELCAF, with the lady herself in attendance. 

If there is a right way to spend Friday, it's probably scrolling through Lorenzo Mattotti's art; this is an exhibition of his Vietnam pieces.  

I really enjoy Chris Anthony Diaz's photo portraits of cartoonists and comics people at various cons and events- these are from TCAF.

Your 2014 Russ Manning award nominees. Pleased to see Vanessa Del Ray on that list.

Kyle Platts and friends are painting buildings as part of the Converse Cons project. Very coll buildings they are, too.

Comics you should read:

I know, I know, you snobs- it's a comic based on a cartoon- what of it? Perhaps not the kind of news you're used to seeing covered here, but I think this has the potential to be pretty damn good, if it's done right. And it's a comic about a brown family and food, and y'know, I'm brown and love food, and Tina is my spirit animal; sometimes things are just that simple. To get to the point, Fox cartoon Bob's Burgers, which revolves around the Belcher family- parents Bob and Linda, children Tina, Gene, and Louise- running a struggling hamburger restaurant somewhere in new jersey, is getting its own comic. 

The comic will be published by Dynamite- who announced they'd gained the license in July last year, and will  feature five new strips, titled 'Louise's Unsolved Mysteries,' 'Tina's Erotic Friend Fiction,' 'A Gene Belcher Original Musical,' 'Letters Written by Linda' and 'Bob's Burgers of the Day.' It's releasing in August, and I'll be buying it, and you should, too.