Friday, 13 June 2014

Summer, summer, summertime: new mini kus

We're hitting peak comic period guys: brace yourselves. Seriously, we all know everyone saves their big releases for summer, but I've been arranging previews for my Panel Mania column over at Publisher's Weekly and attempting to be good and put together 'With pound in hand' features ahead of time, and the amount of comics that promise to be great published over the next couple of months is staggering: Pascin, Through the Woods, Seconds, Shoplifter, Art Schooled, Amulet, Sisters, Kill My Mother, and many many more. It's often easy to miss some of the small, independent mini-comics amongst all the big book releases, especially those that aren't readily available in comics shops, so here's a quick reminder that the ever-reliable and stellar Latvian comics outfit, Kus, have 4 mini-comics coming out at the end of June and they all look very readable indeed. I've said it time and time again, and I'll say it once again- Kus are unsurpassed when it comes to curating truly fresh and interesting comics creators from around the world. If you're looking for something genuinely a bit different, or to discover new artists, you'll definitely find something at Kus- a facet that's evident simply by glancing through the books previewed below.

Here's a quick look at each of the mini-kus due for publication on June 26th. All the books are in full-cover, 24 pages in length, nicely saddle-stitched (I like that touch- it's pretty secure, unlike some mini-comics) and printed in an A5 format. As ever with Kus, and one of the things I find really easy and appreciable, world-wide shipping is included in the price of the books; each mini-comic costs $6, or you can buy all four for $18.

Lucky by Oskars Pavlovskis: 'Meet Lucky, the self-proclaimed business expert, who specializes in selling stolen rearview mirrors. Oskars Pavlovskis’ slick hero is bound to teach you some valuable new marketing strategies. Reading the story in a slight Eastern-European accent is recommended.'

Magnetism by Roope Eronen: 'Magnetism is a science fiction story by the Finnish artist Roope Eronen. It tells about a spontaneous business meeting in the world of the future. Swallow the magnet and join the adventure...'

Swimming Pool Anna Vaivare: 'Anna Vaivare’s protagonist works at the Swimming Pool. She enjoys observing people while keeping herself almost invisible doing her work. When you least expect it she herself plunges into the water and unveils her special secret.'

Domino by Rūta & Anete Daubure: 'Robér takes care of the world’s balance. On his day off he’s powerless - accidents start to develop and Robér worries that everything will collapse. Domino is written by Anete Daubure and drawn by her sister Rūta Daubure.'