Monday, 14 July 2014

Impossible Books Birthday Sale: 5 picks

The fantastic comics distributor Impossible Books are celebrating their one year anniversary this week, and if you're UK-based comics fan like me, you'll know (and appreciate) the job they've been doing in curating the best comics from around the world,with friendly domestic postage prices, has been invaluable. International shipping has generally risen to the point where sending books- particularly to and from the US- is just not viable, so I'm truly grateful for what they do. If you'd like to know a little bit more about Impossible, and the lovely people behind it, Camila and Taylor, here's an interview I did with them last September.

To celebrate they have over 100 comics on sale here, which I've gone through and picked 5 of the best/my favourites- none are over £4, and I've incorporated the links so they should take you straight to the item details for that product. I own all of these comics and have no trouble in recommending them unreservedly (actually thinking of buying another couple of copies of Turtie Needs Work, because it's that good, and to give as gifts), and I'm pretty sure they'll sell out quickly, too, so fill your boots! There's a host of other reduced titles, too- from Michael DeForge to Hellen Jo to Katie Skelly and L Nichols. The sale will last a week.

Happy Birthday to Impossible and to Camila and Taylor- thanks for doing such a super job and getting fab comics into our grubby little hands! Long may you continue to do so.