Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mini-comics of the Month Club: get a taste of the Australian comics scene

I'd seen this floating around Twitter before Andrew Fulton wrote in to tell me about it, and it looks and sounds pretty sweet. Minicomic of the Month Club is a subscription series of Australian mini-comics: 12 mini-comics produced by 12 different artists over the course of the year, with 1 mailed out to you each month. I believe this is the second year Fulton is running the subscription service, which costs $28 (Australian dollars) if you live in Australia or New Zealand and $40 (inclusive of shipping) if you live anywhere else in the world. Artists making comics this year are: Carla McRae, Sarah McNeil, Andrew Fulton, Ben Juers, Marijka Gooding, Nicky Minus, Michael Fikaris, Rafferty Amor, Bailey Sharp, the Seven seas, Neale Blanden, and George Rex & Owen Heitmann. If you click through to the Minicomic of the Month Club page -bit of a mouthful, that!- you can see example of each artist's work- none of whom I have heard of, and all of which look really attractive; a lot of the styles are just really what appeals to me aesthetically. I'm not very familiar with Australian comics at all, and the price on this  package is incredibly cheap -even more so when you consider they're being shipped out individually to you each month and the cost of that- so I'm going to sign up as a bit of entry-point to the scene.

Subscriptions are limited to 300, and you can sign up for the package until the 31st July 2014 (Australian time). Minicomics of the Month have teamed up with Dan Berry's Make It Then Tell Everybody podcast to offer one person the opportunity to win a full-year subscription: simply go here and enter your email to take part. A winner will be chosen at random on the 20th of July.

Neale Blanden
Sarah Mcneil