Friday, 18 July 2014

News, Views, and Oddities #36

News, Views and Oddities, a fortnightly feature where we link to various bits and bobs which have grabbed our attention, encompassing comics, books, illustration, design and film. Clicking fingers at the ready.

Let's start right, with some Astro Boy meets Godzilla art by Kazu Kibushi- something so serene about that picture, and I love the green and gold.

This is a lovely bunch of paintings from Scott C. in his Sonny the Fox series, which are spread over a couple of exhibitions currently taking place; I believe they're available to buy online.

Tom Spurgeon has the complete list of all the Harvey Award nominees; award shows in general are weird, but that list is weirder than normal. Spurgeon offers an explanation as to why: 'Because the Harveys use a two-tiered full nominations process and the first step of that can be laborious, they've long been susceptible to campaigns for nominations such as an energetic company employee or two making sure that everyone at the office gets their ballot in. This tends to skew things towards companies or project that have this kind of motivated person in proximity.'

If you're still curious about Emily Carroll's book, the whole first story(!), 'Our Neighbour's House'  is available for you to read for free here, but seriously just go buy the book- it's superb. 

One of the finest gentlemen in comics, and my good friend, Steve Morris, has launched a new comics writing website, The Spire. Steve writes about really different comics than I do and yet still stuuf that's off the beaten track a bit; I like that about comics.

A reminder that today is the last week-day of the Impossible Books sale- comic bargains to be had. 

Kiyohiko Azuma's Yotusba comics are my happy place- unadulterated, unaffected joy which never fails to make me smile. I loved these images produced for a Yotusba calender, placing Azuma's illustrations of her adorable protagonist in the sun-drenched photography of Miho Kakuta- the simple photo collage isn't something I'd consider but it works perfectly to capture the tone of the book and it's titular character.

Whit Taylor's been doing a fantastic series of wide-ranging diary comics called Saturn Return, which you should bookmark instantly.

Bryan Lee O'Malley talks to Emily Yoshida as Seconds releases- found that an interesting, and pretty open read.

Brandon Graham draws those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and it's as good and as cool as you'd expect from him.

A Tumblr blog collating video-game backgrounds and scenery.

One of the books I've been most looking forward to this year is Jamie Coe's debut comic book, Art Schooled, so was really pleased to be able to present a first look over at Publisher's Weekly, where you can read and see more.

Comics you should read: