Friday, 11 July 2014

On radar: Lee Gatlin

It's Friday- which means we like to go heavy on the comics art, easy on the eye and head. In accordance with afore-mentioned motto, I've gathered a bunch of Lee Gatlin's comics for your viewing pleasure. While the name may not seem familiar, chances are you've probably come across his 'D-List X-Men' or Superman comics; Gatlin's blown up a bit on Tumblr recently since he turned his attentions towards ribbing superheroes, and they've been shared widely. Gatlin is a cartoonist for Athens, Georgia-based newspaper Flagpole- which are usually in gray-scale and focus on more classical and literary themes. I really love his style- it's very much in the vein of traditional editorial cartooning in expression- the humour and lines, but cleaner, less fussy. He's very good.