Friday, 8 August 2014

Year's best comics... so far

I keep a running list of the comics that have impressed me most over the year (because I'm sad)- these are the ones I both liked on a more personal level, and that I think are objectively merit-worthy. I like lists, I like doing this kind of thing- it doesn't have to mean anything, as far as I'm concerned, although come year end, I'm sure we'll get the annual discussion about what best of lists mean, how terrible they are, and what they do. For me, it's fun, it's a way of organising my thoughts about various comics, of looking at the year in comics. Thus, I am preempting the rabble-rousing with a not-really-mid-year--more-seven-and-a-bit-months-best-of-list. Ha! 

There are still lots of books to be released, lots to come: Beauty by Herbert and Kerascoet, Rob Davis' Motherless Oven, new Pimo and Rex from Thomas Welllmann, the second installment of Frederik Peeters' Aama, Michael Cho's Shoplifter (which I'm waiting to experience in colour), Jamie Coe's Art Schooled, Doomboy, Nick Sumida's Snackies, and Mickey Z's Rav collection, both of which I'm really looking forward to. Meka, Doomboy, and Zaya from Magnetic Press, the Brass Sun collection, which I've been waiting aaaages for, volume one of Naoki Urasawa's Master Keaton -in English for the first time, and likewise for Satoshi Kon's Opus, due out next month. I got Moyoco Ano's In Clothes Called Fat through the post this morning, and Sam Alden's It Never Happened Again is on its way. I think I've done a *pretty* good job with reading what could be considered most of the major releases this year to date, but there's a few books I still need to get around to and a few that are still swimming around in my head, not quite settled in a position. Here's my top ten so far, in order (have linked to reviews I've written where applicable):

This One Summer by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki
Six-Gun Gorilla by Si Spurrier, Jeff Stokley, Andre May (series ended & was collected this year)
Demon by Jason Shiga

What books have you been bowled over by this year? What are you looking forward to coming out? To the Facebook page to discuss!

This One Summer