Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Chris Ware's new comic, The Last Saturday, serialises in The Guardian

In case you have somehow missed this: The Guardian began serialising Chris Ware's new comic in both their print and digital editions on September 13th. Titled 'The Last Saturday,' which instantly brings to my mind Jordan Crane's 'The Last Lonely Saturday,' which is an equally Ware-ian title in name. The first installment introduced six characters from the town of Sandy Port, Michigan, while the second got things going atypically grim, following young Putnam Gray as he ponders the vastness of the universe before being beaten by a couple of boys. The 'interactive' facet currently doesn't extend beyond a roll-over magnifying capacity, but we're only two updates into the weekly comics, so there's room for potential exploration within the parameters of the digital platform should Ware wish to experiment. He's previously tested the boundaries of print, playing around with format,and size, so it's not unfathomable that he may intend something similar here. 

On a related aside it's been interesting watching the Guardian's coverage (in the online edition of the newspaper, at least) expand beyond all things Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, and seeing what they do choose to write about: large pieces on UK kids weekly The Phoenix, but also (unsurprisingly) a lot of articles on superheroes, largely Marvel properties- tied in, no doubt, to interest in the movie franchise, along with pieces on 'female Thor'  and the Falcon taking on the mantle of Captain America, ruminations on DC's TV shows. They did, however, also report on The Eisners this year, as well as a nice look at cities as depicted in comics, and what seems to be a new monthly column, appraising mainstream releases. It's been a bit of a mixed bag, but those latter pieces encouraging to see; hopefully it will continue to grow and evolve.