Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Darwyn Cooke's month of gorgeous DC landscape covers

I've never understood the point of variant covers, regardless of what people say about them acting as sales incentives and so forth. If your comic's good, and the cover it has reflects that, that should be incentive enough (but then I'm also probably not the audience they're aiming for). Nevertheless, DC have been hellbent on the idea of churning out a litany of themed covers- from 3D to steampunk to bombshells to the cringe-worthy selfies. For December's batch of variants, though, they've decided to go with a different angle, with one artist illustrating all the (nineteen) covers, which will be in landscape format: Darwyn Cooke. And as you'd expect from Cooke, they're simply gorgeous: beautiful colours, dynamic art, full of character, well composed. If you were to make an argument for having great, continuing artists on books, Cooke's covers are a case in point, making you long for a world in which he was drawing books and stories for these characters. Anyway, the art istoo lovely not to share and have on the blog, so here are some of my favourites (more under the cut).

Via Newsarama, where you can view all nineteen covers.


Teen Titans




Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corps



Batman and Robin