Monday, 1 September 2014

Interview in comics form: Paul Karasik talks to Jules Feiffer

I always like seeing comic artists interviewed in comic format- this is a collaboration between Paul Karasik and Jules Feiffer, talking about Feiffer's new book, Kill My Mother. They take it in turns to draw their own panels: Karasik with his question, Feiffer with his response. A couple of things I find interesting about the chatter around Kill My Mother is the way it's being touted as Feiffer's 'doing a graphic novel' (with backgrounds and everything!)- as if that was an integral, missing component from his oeuvre- I'm as keen as anyone to read it, and see how his work and style fares in a longer length, narrative format, but it hardly makes a difference if he'd never done one- he's a vastly successful artist in a range of mediums. The other thing- again, probably more marketing than anything else- is how Kill My Mother's being presented as noir in comics as if that's never been done before. Puzzling. Always glad to see more from Feiffer though, but the old PR machine is a strange beast, indeed.