Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Second Stickleback collection due for release in November

It's been pretty quiet in terms of comics news; perhaps we're approaching the autumnal lull (which I just made up, but is now totally real and a thing). I've been trying to figure out this post on the blog while writing for other outlets thing- I don't think it's really working, as you may have noticed, but I'm as stubborn as fuck and determined to see out the year at least, and as originally planned. One of the things I love about writing here is it allows me to interact with people, where on big, multi-authored sites it can be a bit like shouting into the ether. I guess the onus is one me to step up, or not give a shit. Can't figure out which one.

Which is to say not much has me sitting up and taking notice at the moment, but this has me excited: 2000AD/Rebellion will be publishing a second Stickleback collection, due for release on November 6th. Ian Edginton and D'Israeli made a return to the series in the 2000AD anthology earlier this in 2014, more than six years after the initial run. If you're not familiar, here's how Ian Edginton describes his titular character:   

'He's a villain. He's the Pope of crime who rules the underworld in a fantastical version of London that's the love-child of Charles Dickens and Mervyn Peake. He's called Stickleback because he was born with a second, splintered rib cage growing out of his back. He boasts that he came into the world a murderer, as he ripped his mother apart whilst she was giving birth to him.'

And yet there's something strangely beguiling and almost vulnerable about him and his ragtag group of deformed freaks, oddballs and semi-supernatural entities, despite everything. Set in the nineteenth century, Stickleback returned from the dead rather changed, and to find his position as head honcho of London's criminal fraternity in perilous question; namely in the form of a new, mysterious figure stationed on an airship high above the city. It's a mix of steampunk (and for those of you who have an aversion to the word- it's done properly, and liberally) and crime, and supernatural, all bought to curious life by the masterful D'Israeli. When I first started delving into 2000AD's output, it was the collections of Stickleback, Stone Island, Cradlegrave, and more that stuck with me. I missed reading this in issues, so very much looking forward to getting a copy.