Friday, 24 October 2014

Nice art: Andrew MacLean draws Alien characters

Got a staff development day today at work, so a quick post of some cool art to get you into the weekend mood (there'll be something more substantial later, hopefully). Andrew MacLean's drawn a bunch of black and white character illustrations of the Alien cast. there's  Ripley, Dallas, Parker, Lambert, Kane, Brett, Ash, and the Xenomorph (you can see them all at the link and you should- they're really good)); Maclean's selling the originals too, if you fancy one. I like that he kept it clean with the black and white- that, and the simple, utility with detail aesthetic nicely parallels the tone and feel of the film. I probably like Ripley best- those little clouds around her head make that one, but the Xenomorph is amazing, and I love how MacLeans' got the sudden movement of the face-hugger's attack on Brett- that one's very dynamic.