Monday, 10 November 2014

AdHouse, Youth in Decline reveal 2015 line-ups

Both AdHouse Books and Youth in Decline announced their 2015 books via the Comics Reporter over the weekend. AdHouse will be publishing  The Oven, a new graphic novel by Sophie Goldstein in April, Russian Olive to Red King' by Kathryn and Stuart Immonen in May, and Pope Hats #4 by Ethan Rilly in June. I'm one of the very few people who preferred Pope Hats with the ghost in it, before it got a bit 'routine drudgery of life and work,' but I'm still interested to see where it goes at the moment. The book I'm gunning for here is the new Sophie Goldstein, which at 80 pages is going to be her longest print work to date. Goldstein is one of those cartoonists who's just been getting better and better, and doesn't get talked about enough in my opinion, although she did win an Ignatz for House of Women this year. A lot of the comics she's done have explored sci-fi and female issues in a very organic way, and it looks like The Oven will be future-set, too:

'Ozone depletion and dwindling resources have driven the human race into domed cities where population controls are strictly enforced. When a young couple goes looking for an anti-government paradise in the desert they may have found more than they bargained for.'  

Youth in Decline, meanwhile, have revealed the 4 cartoonists who will each be working on next year's monograph series: Jillian Tamaki, Anna Deflorian, Becca Tobin and Michael DeForge- and that's a pretty inarguable line-up. Really pleased to see a great young UK artist in the form of Tobin tapped to take part in that series. The subscription that ran last year, allowing people to sign up for a package deal to receive all 4 books, will also run again this year between December and February- I signed up for that and it's very worthwhile- not only do you get the books above at a slightly cheaper rate, but the overseas postage is actually reasonable. The imprint will also be publishing a new volume of Thickness, the erotic comics anthology Thickness, a second Rav collection from Mickey Zacchilli, and Dream Tube, by Rebekka Dunlap.