Friday, 28 November 2014

One Percent Press sale: fill your boots

Just a quick note to point out that the excellent One Percent Press are having a 20% off everything sale running from now through until the end of Monday, and as always it's worth taking advantage of. I've ordered the two newer titles offered by the distributor: Max de Radiguès' Rough Age, and Alexis Frederik Frost's The Aeronaut. De Radiguès' book is the 128-page English language translation of the Belgian artist's L'Age Dur, about a group of friends growing up at school- their intertwining lives: the awkwardness, apathy, sweet moments, acute feelings. De Radiguès has published comics with Oily previously- Moose and now Bastard. I really enjoyed Alexis Frederik Frost's Courtship of Mrs Smith (which is still available in the shop), so happy to pick up that new title. If you're after further recommendations, this is a good opportunity to get your hands on  Joe Lambert's Layaway and Emily Churco's Present Tense, both of which are very good. One Percent Press are one of the smaller comics publishers and distributors, with quality products, so the chance to support them whilst gaining new comics is a bit of a n-brainer. 

You can find the One Percent site here- remember to type in the code '20 percent' in the discount code box before checkout.