Monday, 15 December 2014

Art Wall: pretty them comics

Some nice art, because it's Monday and because not much is interesting me at the moment and because I like it and because I need a reprieve post wedged between two long text pieces (the Lizz Hickey essay and the forthcoming How to be Happy review). I used to do these kind of posts early in the blog's conception, and then stopped, probably because I thought my producing writing was more important...

I need this rad lady to be in a super-spy librarian comic, stat. By Roman Muradov.

Dr Doom by Toby Cypress, whose art I'm into in a big way right now.

I think I've shared this Matt Forsythe painting on every social media platform I'm on, I love it that much.

Panel by Bastien Vives.

Batman by Jordi Bernet.

Gil Jordan panel by the superb Maurice Tillieux.

One of Boulet's excellent countdown to Christmas illustrations.