Friday, 12 December 2014

Friday visual goodness: Manddy Wyckens' elegant people sketches

I just feel like sharing some nice art today, so let's do that- it is Friday after all. I've been looking at  -and loving- the people studies Manddy Wyckens has been doing in her sketchbooks. They're lovely and elegant and fine-lined. There's an effortless quality to them; she seems to have great control over the lines despite them not appearing overly loose. I'm a sucker for these kind of drawings, especially when artists pay attention to fashion and style; it doesn't have to be anything huge or dramatic- a blue puffa jacket, an Adidas track top with a beanie hat, a woolen scarf worn with a cargo jacket, a ribbed crop top- it's that easy to add interest and character. And it's expressive, too- really impressive work. This is the reason I love Margaux Motin so much- she's super at this, and I treasure her one, excellent English language graphic novel, But I Really Wanted to be an Anthropologist. Oh, to see another comic drawn in this style...  Wyckens is a visual development artist currently residing in France and has worked for places like Laika/house and Disney Feature. You can find more of  her work at her website.