Monday, 8 December 2014

New comics from Aleks Sennwald and Yumi Sakugawa

I was just extolling the virtues of Aleks Sennwald this Friday gone; in particular her comic with Pete Toms, The Short Con, which has been serialisng on Study Group Comics and has been an utter delight to read, leading to the further discovery of her lovely work. So I'm really pleased to see that she has a new comic out: one that, judging from these preview pages, is a beauty- that blue and ochre brown combination especially works so well. Titled Steepest Descent, it centers around a mother and daughter living in the desert, in which 'science and technology come head to head with magic and mystery.' It's 20 pages in length and in colour and has just been released this month. You can buy it over at Ray Ray books now, although unfortunately, if you don't live in the US the shipping costs continue to be a frustrating hindrance (over $20 if you want it here in the UK), but if you're in the US, I'd recommend taking full advantage.

While we're on the subject of fine artists and previewing new comics, the ever-excellent Yumi Sakugawa also has a new book out, called Bird Girl and Fox Girl, released last Friday from Sparkplug Books. A gorgeous, magical story of broken friendship stretching across two life-times, Bird Girl and Fix Girl is part of Sparkplug's 'minis' series, which publishes limited, short runs of mini-comics by new or under-appreciated cartoonists. The comics is 32 pages in length, black and white with a colour, saddle-stitched cover. I'm a fan of the recently Ignatz-nominated Sakugawa's anyhow, and looking at these pages below reminds me of another one of my favourites: Corinne Mucha, namely in the way she uses pages in terms of layout- really filling up and making the most of space and packing in text densely. You can order Bird Girl and Fox Girl here.