Monday, 1 December 2014

Off Life announce new graphic journalism project, Yellow

The people behind Off Life magazine, a free UK comics anthology,  have launched an interesting new project titled Yellow. The idea is to sign up 52 artists and allocate each a single week over the course of a year for which they will then provide their illustrated take on the news and current affairs that occurs within those seven days. Each piece of graphic journalism will be published online at the Off Life site every Monday, and are to be collected together and released as a book in December 2015, alongside essays 'from some of today’s top writers and thinkers.' The line-up of participating artists so far includes Kristyna Baczynski, Takayo Akiyama, Dan Berry, Matthew the Horse, Woodrow Phoenix, and others, but Yellow are keen to get a range of people involved, and are still signing up contributors for those wishing to take up part (and it is a paid job, from what I understand).

'For as long as news has appeared in ink, artists have complimented written journalism with their own sideways, illustrated take on the current affairs of their day. With no set political persuasion or style guide, Yellow will gradually build an illustrated take on a whole year of news from 52 unique perspectives.

But we want Yellow to feature as diverse a group of artists as possible and so are opening the artist selection stage to anyone interested. We have a briefing and design document ready to go, with all rights and payments laid out in black and white… so if you’re an artist that fancies taking up the challenge please get in touch.

We are super excited about Yellow and the potential it has to explore the news with fresh, inquisitive eyes.'

Stanley Chow got the project under way last week, covering reports of Charles Manson's alleged impending nuptials to a woman 20 years younger than him, and this week sees Grace Wilson cover news stories from 24th-30th November, taking on both the NHS strikes and Ferguson protests. I'm always glad to see more graphic news reportage and illustration as I ingest information better that way and generally feel it's a more nuanced, appealing, and powerful manner in which to address issues. One to bookmark.

Grace Wilson