Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Season's greetings: see you in 2015

I know some of you have been very disappointed at the gradual sidelining of the promised '& Cola' title remit, so this one's for you: a Coca-Cola ad from 1952, which makes me smile because who could have foreseen 'thirst' taking on the alternate meaning it has today? Also, there's sorta a sequential, grid-y thing going on in the background there. Comics & Cola will be back on (checks calendar) Thursday the 1st of January with the usual noise, changes and exciting news (to me , anyhow). I don't want to go on, but thank you to everyone who read and supported the blog in any way; this year has been phenomenal for me in terms of comics writing (337 articles on here -and that's not including work for Publisher's Weekly and Comics Alliance. 2015 focus: quality > quantity) and seeing this little space grow and be appreciated is so gratifying. It's an odd place to perhaps find what you want to do -writing about comics- but I honestly love it- I'm not very good at articulating just how much, really-, and knowing that some of what I do connects with a couple of people makes it a little less echo-chambery. Have an excellent holiday.