Monday, 12 January 2015

Evah Fan's delightful book lovers reading pin series

I've been a long-time admirer of Evah Fan's work- her Pry on Murmurs series, the awesome mini portraits she does, visual puzzle zine Seesaw Fidgets, the lovely Forager print she did; her style is simple, almost minimal but charming- a lot of her illustration focuses on the manipulation and utilisation of space, composition and placing: there'll often be only a few coloured elements, usually friendly looking characters undertaking little activities. The 'paintings' section on Fan's website is a very pleasurable way to spend your time, and also shows her affinity for playing with shape and visual trickery and puns. Fan is one of the few artists I own original art from, and one of those I check in with via her site every few months or so, as she's steadily making new things I will generally want (her 2015 calendar is currently on sale and a copy of it whizzing it's way to me), and it's always seems she's getting better and better, you can see the development of ideas in her work being built upon. In short- she's a fantastic artist who makes ace things which are smart and appealing and you should look into her work further.

However, the most recent thing she's made is this series of 4 book-lovers reading pins. Made with high quality gold polished metal, each pin comes with a mini letterpress print and butterfly clutch secured in a little envelope. They may be a little pricey at $16 each (or all 4 at $55), but being a frequent buyer of Fan's work, I don't doubt that these will be of the same lasting standard as everything else she's done. The pins have been given individual names and short background stories, which you can see below, and while they're all super cute and well-designed, the one that attracted me straight away was 'The Funnies,' which shows a girl/woman reading comics (I recommend making the picture bigger to properly appreciate the detail)- it's pretty damn perfect, and it shall be mine. Clicking on the name of a pin should lead you to the place to buy.

The sneak: 'The creature crossed borders to seek fancy papers (he forgot to bring his tote bag) and he must get home before the clock strikes midnight to finish making his zines.'

The Scout: 'Classified: Man seeking cats to start a book club, ninjas ok, serious inquires only.'

The Snack: 'For the record, the tiger just devoured an entire collection of old Encyclopaedia Britannica.'

The Funnies: 'Finally it’s her turn to read the comics!'