Friday, 13 February 2015

Hourly comics day: a round up of some favourites

It was annual hourly comics day on Sunday February 1st, an event which sees participating artists produce comics every hour over the course of the day. As you can imagine, that's not a strictly adhered to format, with people drawing a few comics in the day, or one every couple of hours. Most people choose to stick to autobiographical comics, narrating what's been happening in their life from hour to hour, and a lot of narratives also tend to mention being stumped about what to draw for hourly comics day, as well! For readers, there's always a treasure trove of free comics to enjoy, and this year the quality seemed more exceptional than ever. I've gathered some of my favourite ones here (a little late, but I've been waiting until people have gathered theirs in one place to make things easier to follow), below, with links embedded in the artist names- click through to read all the comics in full; I assure you they're rather great, and probably just what you need on a Friday while you're sat at work- ahem. I had a blast putting these together, and marveling at the styles and how good they are- lots of cats are featured within, but I enjoy the little thoughts and interactions best.

Sophia Foster-Domino:

KC Green:

Sarah McIntyre:

Joe Decie:

Joy Ang:

Luchie Bryon:

Jessi Zabarsky:

Lizz Lunney:

Dan Berry:

Sarah Graley:

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