Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Linda Medley's Big Bad: an unfinished comics project

This is from a 2013 Fantagraphics post I came across, so old news really, but I had never seen it before and even from these few pages it's clear that it's excellent enough to share with those of you in the same boat as I. 'It' is an abandoned/unfinished comics project from 2003 by the amazing and singular Linda Medley -of Castle Waiting fame- reading it actually makes me quite sad that I can't read the rest of it, it's so good. I'm not really one for 'what could have been' (Jodorowsky's Dune- insert continuously looping eye-roll gif right bloody here), but I'm a big, big Medley fan, and even from reading these few pages you have to admire her characterisation and narrative abilities, so deftly and swiftly woven. I know there's a lot of good comics around today- more so than ever- but Medley's are the kind you really sit down with, to savour; the best sort of rich, immersive reading experiences. You can read more pages here (it may make you sad it doesn't exist), but if you're one of those lucky people yet to discover her superb Castle Waiting books, I honestly couldn't recommend anything higher. I'm not going to attempt to describe it to you, but instead gently lead you towards this product page at Fantagraphics, where you can read the opening 28 pages and allow you to be won over. I think I'll go have a re-read myself.

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  1. This looks really awesome! And yes, sad that it is abandoned.

    I love Linda Medley's work and am a complete "Castle Waiting for More Issues Please Don't Abandon This" fan. :-)