Monday, 2 March 2015

Last Fight, the Last Man video game looks fun and rather damned attractive

While we're on the subject of the Last Man, you may recall that back in April last year in my profile of Bastien Vives, I briefly discussed his, Michael Balak and Michael Sanlaville's intention for the comic to be an interactive, multi-media experience, with associated animations and video-games. Well, the latter goal is now closer to reality, as the trio have released a teaser trailer for Last Fight, a 3D indie arcade fighting video-game created for PC and consoles, and releasing soon. Influenced by games such as Capcom's Power Stone and Smash Bros, Last Fight will feature a roster of 10 characters from the comic, with up to four able to fight at any one time. Despite not being even faintly a gamer of any kind, I really like the look of it, especially how the art style mirrors the comics so closely, and it looks pretty accessible too, which makes me want to give it a whirl once it's out. There's a Facebook page for the game here, where you can view some in progress backgrounds and news, and is probably the place to keep an eye on for a release date.

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