Wednesday, 29 April 2015

'Compleating Cul De Sac' -a new Richard Thompson book

My complete Cul De Sac is one of my most treasured possessions. I have incredibly fond memories of slowly working my way through these 2 books of Richard Thompson's strips, one of those works which are touted as a cut above must-read, and the fat satisfaction of reveling in its sheer quality and goodness. I want to write more on it, but this piece I did on '5 favourite things from Cul De Sac' will give anyone new a good feel and idea of whether it may be something of interest. To sum, it's simply superb cartooning: outstanding character work, warm and appealing, all wrapped in Thompson's lovely distinctive, almost-sketchy, fine art. So I'm inordinately pleased to learn that there'll be a new Cul De Sac book on the way. Titled 'Compleating Cul de Sac,' the book promises to include 'all the art that was left out of Eisner-award-nominated The Complete Cul de Sac' (which makes me wonder how literal those 'complete' monikers/definitions are), comprising 150 pages of strips, interviews and sketches. The book will be published to aid and support Parkinson's disease research, which is what caused Thompson to finish his strip. So not only do you get the time itself, but the proceeds go towards a worthwhile cause. Keep an eye on Thompson's website for upcoming ho to order information.

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