Monday, 29 June 2015

Jane Mai on the ELCAF beat: a comic report

I was really pleased to hear that cartoonist Jane Mai would be attending this year's ELCAF as a guest of Swedish publishers, Peow! Studio, with whom Mai has published her latest book, Soft. I was glad of the opportunity to meet her (as were a lot of people over the weekend), as someone who's work I admire very much and have followed for a while. Mai has a great voice and approach that always feels fresh, interesting, and funny- real, but never sycophantic, which I think many people appreciate. I'd been thinking of changing up festival reportage, and thought she would be the perfect person to do a comics report on her ELCAF experience- luckily, she was up for it! So here you are: Jane Mai on the ELCAF beat for Comics & Cola! To see more of Jane's work, you can visit her website here, and her Tumblr here

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  1. I really enjoyed this and literally LOL-ed several times. I'm a fan of Jane Mai now!