Monday, 14 September 2015

Seed #2: a fashion and food artbook by Celine Loup

There's something inherently satisfying about seeing artists visually list and document things that they  make, eat, or wear. Perhaps it's because I take comfort from food and clothes in particular, so having that represented in a beautiful, almost diagramic, comic is very appealing to me; it's why I enjoy Marian Churchland's wishlists so much. So I'm pleased that Celine Loup is releasing Seed #2, a bigger, 52-page, full-colour, saddle-stitched art-book that collects more of her personal work, fashion drawings and sketches done in  2015. Loup has a gorgeous, fine, painted style, as showcased in her comics: last year's Honey and Mother (which debuted at TCAF), and editorial illustration work and this looks like no exception. It's always a cause for celebration when your favourite artists who only release the odd thing here and there, have something new available. I love to look at fashion, outfit ideas and breakdowns, delicious meals being put together- it's very soothing and affirming to my tastes. I like to see the same love and care I have for these things being shared and reinforced by somebody else. Over at her Tumblr, Loup writes about how the first installment of Seed has been her biggest seller, and why she thinks that is, which makes for interesting reading:

'Over the past year I’ve been really touched to see the positive response my first sketch zine, SEED #1, has gotten. It’s actually my best seller, the thing people are most likely to grab without hesitation from my table. I think when you like someone’s work but maybe aren’t friends with them, you miss being able to rifle through their sketchbooks and see the vulnerable parts of them. Finished pieces are such a small part of the story when it comes to knowing an artist intimately. Sketchbooks show you how an artist thinks, what’s important to them, and offers an unedited, unpolished glimpse into how they play—how they enjoy being who they are (or, sometimes, how they suffer for it). I feel like I’ve come a huge distance from SEED #1 as I’ve dedicated myself to maintaining a sketchbook and keeping myself honest as an artist. I hope this book, available at SPX (table H1) and now in my Etsy store, will inspire others to keep hunting between the pages of their own sketchbooks.'

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