Friday, 5 February 2016

Rounding up hourly comics day 2016

Hourly comics day took place this Monday, as it does every year on February 1st; an event which sees participating artists produce comics every hour over the course of the day. As you can imagine, that's quite the task, and as such the format isn't one that's strictly adhered to, with people breaking down how regularly and at what intervals they draw according to what suits them best. Most people choose to stick to autobiographical comics, narrating what's been happening in their life from hour to hour, with many a rumination  on the process itself. For comics fans, it means there's always a treasure trove of free comics to enjoy, and this year the quality seemed more exceptional than ever. I've gathered some of my favourites below (I like to wait until Friday to do this as I think it's nice to have a chunk of easy, solid Friday reading -and it gives cartoonists time to post their contributions together in one place), with links embedded in the artist names- click through to read all the comics in full; there's a few that will lead to Twitter and might require a bit of scrolling to get at.

Carolyn C. Novak:

Becca Tobin:

Vera Brosgol:

Aatmaja Pandya:

Laura Knetzger- part 1, part 2part 3:

Vaughn Pinpin:

Anoosha Syed:

Brandon Graham:

Carey Pietsch:

Lisa Hanawalt:

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