Saturday, 4 February 2017

Hourly comics day 2017

February 1st means hourly comics day, an event which sees participating artists produce comics every hour over the course of the day. That format isn't one that's strictly adhered to, considering many people are working throughout the day, but the variation in approach is another of the things that makes the comics enjoyable. Most cartoonists choose to stick to autobiographical comics, with a running narration of their day and the inevitable meta thoughts on the process itself. For comics fans, it means there's always a treasure trove of free comics to enjoy, and this year -for me, at least- the influx of art on the day was a welcome and affirming respire from the unrelenting onslaught of current events. I've gathered some of my favourites below, with links embedded in the artist names- click through to read all the comics in full; there's a few that will lead to Twitter and Instagram that might require a bit of scrolling to get at.

Carta Monir:

Steve Wolfhard Part 1, part 2:

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